Advanced Analytics

Not just information, but much more!

Perceptive Analytical Platform

Perceptive Analytical platform

Today’s analytics not only provide insights on performance; they also interpret patterns to predict trends. Analytics are essential to astute decision making.

We manage and deliver business analytics services, implement Big Data solutions, and help IT departments gain greater sophistication in using data-based insights.

Not just information, but much more!

Analytics is more than just information. It is your business knowing and understanding itself!

Our Approach

Strategizing advanced analytics

Plan: We create a detailed project plan for gathering and analyzing data from throughout your company.

Discover: We build an analytic development environment to develop, test, and refine an initial set of analytics

Act: Execute the plan so you can make use of Data insights in every aspect of your business.

Embed: Embed the analytics capability into the organization. Embedding includes processes, people, organization, applications, and technology. Data from all these sources is analysed and fed back into each to facilitate continual improvement.

Business analytics services

Business intelligence for data mining, process analysis, performance benchmarking, and descriptive analytics.

Business Reporting that involves ETL (extract, transform, and load) procedure. This allows a smooth flow of information to decision-makers within an organization to support them in their work.

Big data solutions

Leverages predictive modelling techniques for cluster analysis. This way, you can predict user behaviour and segment them into groups based on similar attributes

Evaluate awareness, engagement, and word-of-mouth or reach with Social analytics of non-transactional data from social media platforms.

On demand cloud solutions

We provide cloud-based Analytics services that allow report / data accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

We can design, develop and also host analytical applications and make them available to end-users remotely.

Extensive knowledge in latest Reporting platforms of AWS, Google, Azure / Microsoft, etc…

Why TechRAQ

TechRAQ is an enterprise application development & implementation company with a decade-long experience that makes us a top choice for clients across the globe.

We are associated with and implemented projects for large corporations in the US, India, and Europe.

Our expertise lies in high-end Data solutions, Cloud technologies, establishing and maintaining Business processes both domestic & Offshore.

Our unique product range provides cutting-edge technology solutions to major businesses requirement who are catching up with modernization and digital transformation.