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Are you having a hard time going through multiple data sets, analyzing them & then interpreting them as per your business goals?

In this digital age, Data is the life of any business. But, the problem is having data is alone not sufficient, you also have to make the sense of it. On top of it, the availability of piles of data makes analysis a really challenging task.


Import and analyze multiple data sets swiftly


Extract Data Freely & Securely

DataEx makes Data Extraction seamlessly from practically any source, and that too in a highly secured manner.

But it is not limited to Data Extraction only. It identifies & interprets patterns & gives you a comprehensive analysis of your raw data. This helps you make thoughtful decisions & take the calculative risk.

Alerts & Notifications

You get alerts on data extraction's completion & also if it fails! This keeps you updated on the status of extraction.

Data Analysis Made Easy

With DataEx, you can analyze a data set in a number of ways.

For example, instead of programming macros, you can straight-up use multiple audit-specific tasks that makes things like detecting duplicates, detecting gaps in numeric sequences, grouping data by categories, and filtering numerous rows & columns, etc., easy & effortless.

Not only this but you can also record every analytic step & then use the structure for future references.

Ensure Data Integrity

The read-only access helps prevent your analysis results from any mistaken damage.

Also, you can export these results in a variety of formats that includes MS Access, XML, Text, MS Word, MS Excel & pre-defined reports.

Further, You can run system checks to assess data reliability and detect system weaknesses.

Highly Customizable

With customizable search features, you can easily filter through the required information.

You can also, customize Themes/Skin as per your requirements.