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Analyzing data is critical to any business. However, it gets challenging to import and analyze all the data stored in different locations and formats. DataEx provides a solution to your Data challenges using EAD Software.

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Our DataEx software can import multiple data sets swiftly, within no time, identify & interpret patterns, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the transactional data.


Reliable, Secure And Customizable Extraction & Analysis Of Data (EAD)” Software.


Extract Data from Practically Any Source and its highly secure

Extracting data from external sources is one of the most important lead creation activities for marketing and sales. Collecting data is relatively easy, but turning raw information into something useful requires knowing how to extract precisely what you need. EAD helps you quickly export required information from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, database software, ERP systems, travel and expenses applications, Web Services/APIs, flat and printed files such as PDFs, plain text (.txt), etc. The extracted data will not be shared across and will be secured.

Alerts & Triggers

EAD will allow users to be notified when data extraction is completed or when any extraction from the site is failed. This helps clients to be aware of continuous updates on the status of extraction.

Data Analysis Made Easy

For an easy analysis, instead of programming macros, you can use many audit-specific tasks that effortlessly look for duplicates, detect gaps in numeric sequences, group data by categories and filter numerous rows and columns of information in seconds. EAD allows you to record every analytic step and repeat it for future use, and it enables users to analyze data in an almost unlimited number of ways.

Ensure Data Integrity

With read-only access to data, EAD will help ensure the accuracy of extracted results and export information to various formats, including Microsoft Access, XML, Text, Microsoft Word, PDF, and Microsoft Excel and pre-defined reports. Run system checks to assess data reliability and detect system weaknesses.

Highly Customizable

EAD has customizable search features to filter through the required information. Themes/Skin can be customizable for user-specific requirements.
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