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Customer Expectations Are Always Raising. Manage Your Customer E-mails With Ease
Now have peace of mind with complete asynchronous handling of multiple e-mail accounts to receive thousands of e-mails simultaneously with our customer support software.

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Our Effective Customer Support Tool is Especially Built for Flexibility. Google, Yahoo, or any E-mail clients, MailRAQ integrates all your e-mail accounts in one place to manage them easily.


Manage multiple accounts in one place

Automate Everything

MailRAQ is an efficient customer service e-mail management tool built to integrate all mail clients in one place, to manage from one place without the hassle of jumping from one e-mail client to the other. 

Your teams can now access e-mails and proactively respond to the customer with faster replies, & interactive reports, reducing customer service efforts.

Manage Multiple E-mail Accounts and Processes Easily, All from One Place!

Administrators can easily add multiple e-mail accounts of type POP3 or IMAP to MailRAQ to receive e-mails in real-time. This process is completely asynchronous, handling multiple e-mail accounts to receive thousands of e-mails simultaneously. 

The user can disable the option not to receive e-mails (unsubscribe) anytime with a single click. The Admins can also choose the actions that an agent can perform on each of these accounts, including Case Reply, Re-assign A Case, Transfer A Case, etc. Grouping Of E-mail Accounts is also possible if agents view multiple e-mail accounts under a single label.



Effective Customer Support Tool is Especially Built for Flexibility.

Pre-defined Templates

The E-mail tool helps you to create pre-defined e-mail templates which can be directly used in related conversations. This will reduce time consumption, verbal mistakes, and incorrect spellings when sending an e-mail to clients.

A Powerful Case Search Tool

Our search tool eliminates hours in e-mail discovery. It allows you to search every case from multiple e-mail accounts, no matter who sent or received it and look at the conversations and interactions.

Advanced Search & Restore

Find and retrieve past cases, attachments, and files, quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features. Automatically indexes every message, attachment, and file before it is saved. Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient, and other keywords.

Interactive Dashboards

MailRAQ allows end-users to access, analyze and manage the information they need. It effortlessly combines a collection of interactive reports and charts onto a single screen in the application. You can choose from a variety of inbuilt reports or can get customized reports. Various reporting filters are available to know the exact statistics.

Instant Alerts/Notifications

MailRAQ is integrated with an instant alert service by which end users can get real-time notifications & display alerts at every stage like Account expiry, Unassigned Cases, Undelivered Mails, Escalation, No Activity.


E-mail addresses can be grouped under different categories, like Finance, Accounting, HR, Sales, etc.; through this, you can have a systematic view of e-mails.

Manage e-mails of all departments within an organization from a single inbox. E-mails are auto categorized based on the e-mail query raised.


E-mails are auto-assigned to agents in a round-robin process. Also, you can manually assign complex queries to specific agents with just a click. Assignees are notified.


You can make a transfer of the case to an e-mail address.


Label the e-mails with color codes. The label option lets you add text that identifies the e-mail. Thereby filtration of these e-mails becomes easier.


Set priorities like high, medium, and low based on their severity status, and then start with what’s important. Prioritize the E-mails with color codes. This helps customer support representatives quickly identify the cases with “critical and high” priorities and can start working on, right away.

Create Cases

Create cases on behalf of customers right from the ticket interface, and let the customer know at the same time. Case statuses give you a better-organized workflow. Statuses examples: Created, Assigned, In progress, On hold, Completed, Re-opened.

Notes & Attachments

View the complete mail conversation in a single location and add internal notes & attachments, which help analyze the case at a detailed level. This helps to track the case easily, and a quick decision can be made to close the case without waiting for external resources.

Auto- Response

Once the ticket is set to in-Progress, a response will be generated to the client.

Customer Conversations

All the past conversations/ interactions related to a customer can be maintained in a place.

Case History

View the case history screen to know the complete information of a case. Like, the workflow of the case, its status updates, and many more.
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