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Suppliers are an integral part of the business. Managing large numbers of suppliers and maintaining their information like registration details, bank account numbers, TIN, PAN Number, insurance certificates, diversity status, etc., is challenging and nearly impossible to do that manually.

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Supplier Space

“SUPPLIERSPACE,” a cloud-based supplier information management tool, does all that with a simple and easy to access tool. It is a central supplier database that allows you to collect your supplier’s data and manage it efficiently.

Supplier Space

Keep track of your suppliers in an easy and efficient way


Identify and prevent fraud and duplicate suppliers & manage all of your supplier’s critical information while knowing that finally, you have clean, up-to-date supplier records.

Earlier, the request for supplier creation/updating/blocking was initiated through E-mails, and therefore there was limited scope of reporting, and it was difficult managing SLAs. The process was entirely manual, and it was difficult to manage the number of requests and tracking of the same.”

Through automation, streamlining of business processes can be achieved through effective monitoring and status tracking of all requests. The system would also help create a document repository for all the documents required for supplier creation.

As supplier RAQ is web-based, you can access all information across geographical locations by connecting to the internet. Save time, money, and resources by consolidating all supplier data and activities in a secure, searchable online database which can be accessed across your organization.

Our tool provides a 360° view of supplier information with Dashboards, KPI, Reports, Alerts, e-mail notifications, etc.; suppliers themselves can register into the site by accessing a secure link sent to their mail id and can enter the basic information about their business entity. Once the supplier’s identity is valid and brought into the system, they can track the requests in real-time and can check the status at any instance. This tool reduces risk and ensures data validity by having various security and data checks at each step. The system provides a full audit trail implementing industry standards best practices to protect your data.

Customization, Synchronization, Integration & Security

The application is highly customizable to satisfy the organization’s needs. Privileges like view/edit on each Service Object (supplier Setup, bank details, registration details, etc.) will be configurable at the role level.


Dashboards, Reports, KPI will be configurable to users based on their access privileges & roles.


The workload is distributed evenly among the users and keeps track of all the actions performed by the users. Data transformation between the browser and the database is secured by implementing SSL and Data Encryption.


Supplier RAQ can be easily integrated with SAP, PeopleSoft, and any web services such as REST API, JSON, XML, etc., whichever is compatible in your organization.

Ready to use Templates

We have ready-to-use templates for uploading supplier information received from various regions through Excel or CSV files. It is tailor-fit for professionals who don’t have the time or resources to develop the required templates for management.

Easy to Use Dashboard Interface

Our customizable dashboard interface gives you at-a-glance information and easy accessibility to important supplier information. You can access reports, your supplier document library, and other essential information through this dashboard interface.

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