Robust Tool Bypasses Blocks,
Extracts from Multiple Sources, and Consolidates in Consumable Format

Data Extraction/ Scraping

Data Scraping from multiple web sources

Integrations & Exporting Data

Ability to integrate with 3rd party tools

Highly Customizable

Customizable Search Abilities

Data Cleansing & Processing

Identifies and skips redundant and irrelevant data

Secutrity Features

Authentication & Secure Access


Unlock a Competitive Advantage
in Your Industry with Innovative Solutions

  • e - commerce

  • social media for marketing

  • SERP & SEO

  • Ad Tech

  • Market Research

  • Travel

  • Financial Services Data

  • Data For Ai

  • Real Estate

  • Data For Good


  • Step 01

    Document Formats

    Retrieve diverse web data for insightful decisions.

  • Real-Time /

    Instantly access diverse web data for decisions.

    Step 02

  • Step 03


    Efficiently process diverse web data for informed decisions.

  • Step 04

    Data Format

    Organize web data seamlessly for strategic insights.

  • Step 04

    Data Format

    Organize web data seamlessly for strategic insights.

Our Pricing

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Robust tool that automatically unlocks and bypasses blocks via proxies to extract data from multiple web sources

Ability to scrape data from other sources like webservices, APIs, Email, Excel, PDF etc.

Scrapes the targeted data from multiple sources and provides a consolidated result set in a consumable format

Could run in multiple sessions concurrently to bypass blocks and extract clean and needed data swiftly

Optimize The Performance
of Web Data Extraction.


See how DataEx helps others
increase revenue.

Ravi Veeravalli


Look, I'm all about ROI. Before DataEX, our campaigns were like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Now, thanks to their efforts, we're serving up personalized solutions

Rohit Khanna

New Delhi

Our mission is to fight poverty, but data is the key to understanding the problem. DataEx stepped up as our heroes. They donated their expertise, analyzing vast datasets to pinpoint... poverty hotspots and identify the most vulnerable populations. They're not just data wizards, they're changemakers.

Sunita Reddy


Data was my enemy - a tangled mess of numbers I couldn't decipher. DataEx cracked the code. Their team is like data detectives, unearthing insights I never knew... existed. They transformed raw information into actionable stories, helping us identify hidden trends and optimize our operations.

Anil Tomar


As a startup, every penny counts. But data is crucial for growth. DataEx offered the perfect solution like powerful insights without the hefty price tag. Their self-service... platform is like a data buffet. It's helped me make data-driven decisions that helped at our 40% growth, all while staying on budget.

Sukhneet Kaur


I'm no techie, but DataEx makes data accessible even for dummies like me. Their app is super user-friendly, letting me visualize my finances, track my health, and understand my spending habits!

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