Agile Dev And Dev-ops

Delivering projects smarter & Faster

360° Flexibility in your Journey of Development & Maintenance

Agile Dev and Dev-Ops

Accelerate your product development with the flexibility to design & build your software on proven agile product development architecture & successful team governance frameworks. Analyze, design, construct, automate and implement as per the requirements identified for each project.

Assess your current state of DevOps culture, process, & toolchain and quantify your maturity model. Visualize the goals (desired state) and create a roadmap for it. Identify traceable metrics & work on them.

Create a pilot framework for implementation of standard DevOps setup Leverage & integrate your existing tools with our strong ecosystem of open-source & licensed tools in each & every step of agile delivery. Enhance your employee’s skills, culture, process, tools, etc.

Experience faster GoToMarket and easier Maintenance being Agile and adopting DevOps

Our Approach

Agile Software Development

What do we mean by “agile development”? In very broad outline, we mean: fostering close collaboration between engineers/developers, operations staff, and demand-side managers; getting software working well first and comprehensively documenting the details later; listening to customers and adapting the product to their needs as an ongoing process; changing the plan and the code when needs or conditions change.

Good Agile Dev strategy allows for creative change within a flexible framework. Agile process isn’t the absence of planning–it’s real-time adaptive planning.

That’s how our customized agile solutions help you accelerate your product development. We provide flexibility to design and build your software with proven agile product development architecture and successful team governance frameworks.

DevOps Services

What do we mean by DevOps? Again, in broad outline, we mean bringing software development and operations teams together to create ongoing collaboration, mutual confidence, and creative synergy across the entire application lifecycle, end to end.

From assembling the DevOps roadmap to automating software release management, TechRAQ helps you all along your DevOps transformation journey. We build a strong bond between your development and operations teams to successfully integrate and implement the automated processes, dramatically improving operational performance.

Why TechRAQ

TechRAQ is an enterprise application development & implementation company with a decade-long experience that makes us a top choice for clients across the globe.

We are associated with and implemented projects for large corporations in the US, India, and Europe.

Our expertise lies in high-end Data solutions, Cloud technologies, establishing and maintaining Business processes both domestic & Offshore.

Our unique product range provides cutting-edge technology solutions to major businesses requirement who are catching up with modernization and digital transformation.