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For a smooth asynchronous handling of multiple e-mail accounts


Improve Responsiveness while Saving Customer Service efforts

Qisido — One-stop solution to manage multiple email accounts. Now do faster replies, download interactive reports, and reduce customer service efforts.

Administrators can easily add multiple e-mail accounts of type POP3 or IMAP to Qisido to receive e-mails in real-time. A complete asynchronous process to handle multiple e-mail accounts and receive thousands of e-mails simultaneously.

With options like limiting actions for agents (including Case Reply, Re-assign A Case, Transfer A Case, etc.), and Grouping of E-mail Accounts (view multiple e-mail accounts under a single label), it makes the process seamless & less complicated.

Alerts & Notifications

You get alerts on data extraction's completion & also if it fails! This keeps you updated on the status of extraction.

Pre-defined Templates

Qisido lets you create pre-defined e-mail templates for used cases. This helps you increase customer satisfaction (with reply time), improve efficiency, and reduce transcribing errors.

A Powerful Case Search Tool

Search any case from all the connected e-mail accounts, no matter who sent or received it, and look at the conversations & interactions.

Advanced Search & Restore

Find and retrieve past cases, attachments, and files, with ease using advanced search & restore features. It automatically indexes every message, attachment, and file before it is saved.

You can also build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient, and other keywords for an improved search.

Interactive Dashboards

Qisido effortlessly collates all the interactive reports & charts onto a single screen. This allows end-users to access, analyze and manage the important information. You can also choose from a variety of inbuilt reports or can get customized reports.

Various reporting filters are available to know the exact statistics.

Instant Alerts/Notifications

Get real-time notifications & display alerts at every stage — like Account expiry, Unassigned Cases, Undelivered Mails, Escalation, or No Activity — with our integrated instant alert service.