Application Modernization

Build Custom Applications for your Businesses!

Technologize your Legacy Applications

Time to technologize your legacy applications

TechRAQ can help you transform your business and adapt it to the fast-changing world by updating your legacy applications to a new framework and infrastructure. We don’t just install the latest versions of off-the-shelf products—we tailor your system to your company’s unique business logic, configuring and migrating your projects to your specifications.

What’s more, we provide ongoing full product life-cycle support via customizations and enhancements as required. We take care of Data, Web, and API integrations to get your company’s informational “Nervous System” working smoothly and continue to keep it that way.

In particular, we can design, develop, and host software as a service (SAAS): cloud-based software delivery services that allow data access from any security-enabled device with an internet connection and a web browser.

So give your software a makeover!

We ensure you are technologically advanced by building custom applications for your business and ensuring quality service delivery.

Our Approach

Analysing and strategizing on application modernization

Thoroughly evaluate the current application in as-is operational state. Primary check on whether meeting the business requirements and identify gaps. Focus will be on the limitations from Technology, Architecture, and Maintenance

Pick right choices to create a scalable, robust future ready application.

Arrive at an optimal cost-effective modernization roadmap.

Updating technology

Implement new frameworks / languages

Upgrade and re-factor to the latest version in the same Technology Stack

Updating applications to suit the current demand

Re-architect and modernize the technology stack

Re-design with a service-first, modular approach

Re-design with a service-first, modular approach

Deploying updates

Ingest and collect any type of log files coming from any given source or location centrally through LaaS.

Lift and shift” migration of your organization's applications with Re-host to Cloud DevOps implementation to define the strategic outcome of a software development cycle Maintain an expected level of service by detecting & diagnosing complex application performance problems with Application monitoring

Why TechRAQ

TechRAQ is an enterprise application development & implementation company with a decade-long experience that makes us a top choice for clients across the globe.

We are associated with and implemented projects for large corporations in the US, India, and Europe.

Our expertise lies in high-end Data solutions, Cloud technologies, establishing and maintaining Business processes both domestic & Offshore.

Our unique product range provides cutting-edge technology solutions to major businesses requirement who are catching up with modernization and digital transformation.